With JaniTime’s Daily Report you can see which buildings are “Serviced” and which are “Unserviced. The industry average savings for automated timekeeping systems is between 2% and 6% labor savings. If JaniTime only cost you 2% of labor then it pays for itself. Between you and I, it won’t cost even close to that; so it will more than pay for itself. It’ll make you money. With JaniTime your managers can fill out simple inspection forms using their phones and you can see them in real time and see graphs per zone or companywide. Your managers can look up previous inspections to follow up on past issues as well. With JaniTime leave a Voicemail cleaners must listen to while clocking in!! This is great for customer requests that are probably currently communicated to your cleaners by calling them at home or on their cell phone distracted and much more likely to forget. Sign up for a 30-Day Trial!
What is the JaniTime Difference?

• Free Tech Support
• Lower Pricing
• Mobile Quality Inspections
• No Software
• Secure (Safe Data)
• Integrated Caller ID
• No Setup Fees
• No Hardware

How much does it cost?

JaniTime's base plan is just $9.95 per month!

An additional 10 cents per call charge applies.

Questions? Comments?

Email: sales@janitime.com
Phone: 616-894-1834