No more missed cleanings!

"Missed cleanings were killing my reputation. I would get a phone call at 9am from a doctorís office, saying my cleaner hadnít shown up the night before. So Iíd rush to the doctorís office right away and start emptying trash and spot cleaning while working around my customer and apologizing up and down. I had to have a solution and finding was it. Ever since Iíve had Iíve never had a missed cleaning. I can see in real time where all my employees are and which buildings they are cleaning. If someone doesnít clock in we start calling the cleaner. If that cleaner doesnít answer we send a fill in or a manager to clean the building. saved our reputation and our sanity."

-Squeaky Clean
Inspection webware!

" quality inspections have improved overall customer satisfaction by 20%. Plus, they are paperless (green) and super easy to use. My managers just fill out a simple inspection form from their blackberry for each building then click submit. We can then view reports by building and graph data by zone or companywide. Great work"

-CGMT Cleaning