Getting Started

1. Just Enter Your Employees

It's simple to add your employees, just enter your employee's name, identification number, assign a manager, and click add!

2. Enter Your Buildings and Schedules

Next simply add a new building, with a unique building code, and assign employees to the building!

3. Give your Employees our Free Code Reminder Cards

With these cards your employees can start calling our system to clock in and out of each location they clean.

4. Check Daily Report to Guarantee NO MORE MISSED Cleanings

Using the schedules you entered, the system knows what night each building is to be cleaned and displays here buildings not yet done in real time.

5. Check Caller ID

Check Caller ID occasionally to be sure your cleaners are using the customer’s phone and not their cell. Name your common phone numbers and never have to look them up again.

6. Print Payroll

Print Payroll and award your staff for their great work!

Quality Inspection Tool

Use this tool to track building quality in real time from the location with your smart phone. Go back to previous inspections to hold professional cleaners accountable for previous issues. Also create reports companywide, per building, or per manager.

View Reports per building via the web immediately after manager inspected it… in real time.