Full Feature List

Admin Web Application

Employee Management: Add as many individual employees to the system as you need! Give them a unique clock-in code, enable manager access, assign buildings, and set/view their schedule.

Building Management: Add all buildings your company services. Create a unique building code, edit and manage detailed GPS data for the building, and assign schedules and managers.

Personalized Voicemail Messages: Create voicemail messages for your employees when they use the telephone system. Perfect for Holiday greetings, company wide announcements, and reminders.

Weekly Timecard Manager: Get a detailed look at the weekly time cards for all of your employees including total hours worked, budgeted hours, and drive time.

Quality Inspections: Create specific inspections for employees and buildings. Give a 5-star rating based on the workmanship and leave comments for constructive criticism.

Generate Reports: Let the data work for you! Using timecard, billing, and building information, you can generate reports to help your administration get a detailed view of what is going on. We currently provide daily reports, caller ID reports, and budget reports.

Mobile App

Dual Support: We support users on iPhone and Android devices!

GPS Clock In: Set a custom radius for your buildings so your employees can only clock in/out if they are on the job site.

Battery Saver Mode: Give your phone a break and let our system do the work. Janitime will keep track of time while the app is fully closed, and only use it to clock in and out. Does not work in conjunction with auto-clock out and real time tracking features.

Auto-clock out: Prone to wander? Enable this feature to automatically clock out employees when they leave the job site.

Real Time Tracking: Perfect for employees that run deliveries or are always on the move during their job. Set a designated clock-in station, and track your employees as they move throughout the city.

Telephone System

Employee Call-In: Easily setup a landline at your job sites to manage time punches for your employees. Call in to your designated Janitime phone number and enter unique employee and building information. This system verifies employees are on site when clocking in and out - no mobile device required.

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