that pays for itself

Simply pay a low monthly access fee + a per minute call charge for each month of service.

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“Using Janitime I found out that most of my cleaners were spending less than the budgeted time. The difference between the budget time and actual time saved me $3184.00 per month. JaniTime is the best thing that ever happened to my business.”

- LUXURY Janitorial Corporation

How many times do you clock-in monthly?

$112.50 monthly

What sets us apart

We charge per clock in, not per employee
This means you pay based on how often you use our service, not for each part-time or full-time employee.
With our pricing model, you only pay for current employees
We have your back! We know about the high turnover rates, so you only pay for employees that clock in/out and not for former employees.
The bigger you get, the less you pay
Our pricing model is de-escilating. We reward your company’s growth with lower pricing.

Pricing is simple

Simply pay a $9.95 monthly access fee and a 10¢ per minute call charge for each month of service.